Conserving water to benefit people and nature

Given the limited nature of fresh water resources, it is imperative that we care for them it in a way that ensures their longevity, while meeting the present needs of the community. Based in both operations and academics, this area implements initiatives aimed at improving the current and future health of both the IUPUI community and environment. 

Below are a selection of IUPUI's most innovative practices.  For a full list of campus operational efforts, visit the CFS sustainability page

Water efficiency in landscapes


IUPUI uses Smart Irrigation technology, which utilizes rain sensors to conserve water by only irrigating when needed. 45 of our 57 irrigation systems employ this technology, and the 12 that are too small to utilize it use solar-powered timers. 

Rain water capture and reuse

IUPUI utilizes rainwater recovery systems to power two irrigation systems. Rainwater from the roof of Glick Eye Institute and SELB are collected and held in cisterns. This recovered water is then used to supply drip irrigation to the surrounding landscapes.